Iris Sindhoj

I was born in Prussia, which used to belong to Germany before the WW II. Part of that area is now Polish and part is Russian. My family fled Prussia at the end of the war and relocated in Hannover, where my father was from and where he was quickly employed at the State Opera.

I grew up with “Prussian” values, which really are no different then our Christian values right here. Learn the most you can, always do the best job you can, be humble, polite and value the next person like yourself.

I received my esthetic education in Baltimore, Maryland at the prestigious Von Lee International School of Aesthetics, Inc. in March 1979 and eventually made my paramedical license thru Dr.Wittakers Acne Institute in 1989. This training pertains precisely to acne treatments and aging skin.

Skin Care by Iris opened its doors here in Tupelo February 1989. Iris is the first certified paramedical aesthetician in all of Southern United States.

Our motto at Skin Care by Iris is always: “What can we do for YOU? What is in YOUR best interest.” YOU the customer are the most valued person here and we try our very best to treat YOU as the special person YOU are.

Inger Calloway

Inger is Skin Care by IRIS’ nail technician. In June of 2004 she graduated from KC’s School of Hair Design with her certification in NAIL TECHNOLOGY. Inger has been working at Skin Care by IRIS since then and is also licensed through the Mississippi State Board of Cosmetology.

Inger was born in Baltimore, MD and lived in California for two years and went to high school in Lexington, KY. She has her Associates of Science in Apparel Engineering Technology and her Associates of Applied Science in Computer Programming Technology.

Inger believes that in order to be beautiful, one must take care and preserve the natural condition of your person. Manicures and pedicures are essential services that can improve your general health. Natural shine and Buff or Polish is always the finishing touch which can Make Your Day!

Skin Care by IRIS is a small family business that dates back to 1989. We believe in providing the best of services to our clients in a way that helps them maintain their maximum potential in health and well-being.

Susan Stauss

Susan Strauss, Licensed Massage Therapist- MS LMT 1772

Susan Stauss is a Liscensed Massage Therapist who practices Swedish massage, therapeutic massage, prenatal massage, and more!